Get qualified leads matching your ideal customer profile

Asgard leverages data to find the companies most likely to buy your product with a whole new level of granularity.

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The best scale-ups trust our data to power their business

Do you dream of being able to contact a qualified prospect knowing in advance his exact needs and being sure that the timing is right?


Prioritize your cold-prospection on the leads most likely to buy your product

Monitor your key accounts with real-time data signals

Engage your prospect efficiently at the right time with the right value proposition

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Build lists of ideal accounts for any marketing campaign

Segment your leads to build marketing messages that appeal to each prospect’s use-case

Enrich your leads with real-time data signals and improve your lead scoring models

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Sales Intent Detection

Understand each potential buyer specific situation and pain points to target the ones that will be the most receptive to your value proposition

Contact Finder

Identify the contacts corresponding to your different personas and segment them to personalize both your sales outreach actions and your marketing campaigns.

Company Tools Stack

Find out which companies are using the tools that you integrate with or compete with, so you can enrich your CRM or personalize your ABM campaigns.

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